An outside academic editor proves to be quite essential when there is a time crunch, and you have to complete your college paper, dissertation, or scholarly publication.

You can obtain the services of an editor to polish your work, including editing, proofreading, and formatting your document. A well-edited work offers the best impression on journal editorial boards, peer reviewers, and other important people. An editor can also help you ensure proper academic compliance, which gets accomplished by changing and revising your content. In the end, you get a professional manuscript ready for academic publication.

Now, there are many academic editing services in Mumbai for you to refer. Stylus Solutions is one such company that can edit, proofread, and format your work as per your requirements. The right editor must pay attention to every detail and prepare a manuscript keeping in mind the mechanics, style, and voice required. Here are a few tips for hiring the best person for the job.

Explaining Your Requirements

First, contact the potential editor directly through phone or email.

  • Request information from the editor about his/her experience. An editor you are looking for should be a highly skilled professional editor with a perfect grasp on the language. However, you should also confirm whether the editor has expertise in the given field of research. For example, there are several academic editing services in Mumbai that deal with professional editors, who provide expert editing with complementary expertise.
  • Explain your requirement to the editor. Let them know the number of pages from the manuscript that need editing and the manuscript’s nature, for example, if it is a proposal or the final study.
  • Ensure that the editor understands the area of focus for your study and will adhere to the recommended style guide.
  • The editor must be familiar with the required compliance by the publication. Based on your manuscript, which could be a journal article, book chapter, dissertation, or thesis project, the compliance may vary.
  • Explain the nature of the edits required for your manuscript. Such requirements may include proofreading, copy editing, project editing, etc.
  • Inform the editor about the importance of originality for you. Many academic copy editing services in India understand the importance of original work, but it is always smart to clarify your concerns.

Establishing the Level of Collaboration

Discuss with the editor on the level of collaboration expected for the given project.

  • An editor may offer to clarify your ideas for you to provide a more streamlined write-up.
  • Editing tasks also include an editor improving your manuscripts’ flow of information in line with your objectives.
  • An editor may also help bring more clarity to your manuscript and improve your argumentation to provide a more systematic approach to your reasoning.
  • While maintaining grammatical accuracy, it’s editor job to retain a consistent voice in the paper.
  • Ensure the editor’s goals do not conflict with your vision, and the final work still reflects your and your supervisor’s expertise in the subject.
  • In the end, ask the editor to provide an estimate considering your demands.

There are many ways you can find a proficient academic editor. You may look for a recommendation from your colleagues or superiors, or search in the available database. You may also search the web for an academic editor. Several academic proofreading services in India, such as Stylus Solutions, offer a comprehensive editing solution for your academic projects.