As technology evolves day-by-day, the education sector has also changed with it. The Internet now offers you an opportunity to learn from anywhere in the world. You can now enrol for an online course, explore some new skills and get the relevant credentials, while still sitting at home. Online learning has become so accessible that you can now grow your career further while working. The courseware development in India has advanced simultaneously to support this change and is now aiming to provide better online solutions for the learners.

Many video platforms and websites provide online courses, tutorials, presentations, training, etc. But to ensure that your online course is accessible to many, you need to utilise the correct LMS system.

What is LMS?

LMS or Learning Management System is a platform where you can present an online course for students without a physical classroom. It provides you with the tools helpful for creating and managing the course.

A WordPress dashboard can be used to publish online courses from your website. It also includes plugins which allow you to integrate your courses and associated features with your website. With the right WordPress LMS plugin, you can provide students with an immersive learning experience.

Let us look a few of the top WordPress LMN plugins used by the experts involved in courseware development in India.

  • LearnDash

LearnDash plugin is one of the best tools out there, used by many companies and universities due to its impressive features. One of its key features is drip-feed, which allows you to deliver your lessons at once or schedule an entire course later. It offers drag and drop design that makes it easy to create quizzes, training and exams. You can also offer rewards to learners with this plugin and let the students unlock courses with the points they earn.

  • LifterLMS

This plugin is perfect for creating engaging courses or training programs. It comes with course prerequisites, training modules, drip content and group membership for specific individual or entire class. It comes with features, such automated emailing, end-of-course certificates badges and convenient subscriptions plans. You can also add multimedia lessons and easily promote your courses with this plugin. However, to use more advanced features, such as assignments, quizzes, etc., you need to buy add-ons.

  • LearnPress

LearnPress allows you to create courses easily and utilise lessons and quizzes from one course to another. It comes with many free as well as paid add-ons with more features to apply. It also provides you with content dripping feature, quizzes and paid memberships. You can import or export content to use from other WordPress sites.

  • WP Courseware

With its drag and drop design, WP Courseware helps you to easily create and arrange online courses. This plugin also provides drip content that allows scheduling the content for specific intervals, according to the course enrolment. It can send personalised emails automatically to students based on their activity. You can also set timers and retake limits. WP Courseware offers features to support instructor along with many other add-ons.

  • Sensei LMS

Sensei LMS plugin is an extension for WooCommerce. Features, such as management tools, certificates and content drip are available for integration with your courseware. It also comes with analytics tools that tracks the progress of students. You can also set quizzes and assignments to automatic or manual mode for better control over the evaluations.

  • Namaste! LMS

This plugin includes features to help you create assignments and lessons, manage students and courses, set prerequisites, etc. It also provides certificates, award badges and a grade system against completion of tasks, while keeping track of learner performance.

  • Good LMS

This plugin allows you to create quizzes, courses and certificates from the WordPress dashboard. Features, such as real-time countdowns and course badges, along with tools to manage scores and progress, which can be used to track the performance of the students.

Based on your need, you can select any of the mentioned plugins to create or promote your online course. You can always seek help from a professional company involved in courseware design in Mumbai. Stylus Solutions is one of the growing courseware development companies in Mumbai that offers services to create comprehensive courseware for you.