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Future of E-Learning

Do you think e-learning sector has any future scope? Let’s find out. Earlier education took place in the classroom form. However, with the advent of Internet and technology, e-learning came into existence and it has evolved over several iterations since then. Its convenience, flexibility, and the availability of resources from anywhere and at any time […]

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Gagne’s Nine Events

We are well aware of Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction procedure. It was published as a part of ‘The Conditions of Learning’, back in 1965, but is still used and is applicable in today’s context. Almost all elearning companies in Mumbai and worldwide follow most of the events presented by this technique. The events in […]

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Expand Your Brand with Blogging

A re you among those who think whether a small-scale business will benefit from blogging? Well then, the answer is, yes! Frequent blogging is not as difficult as people would think. Besides, there are many blog writers in Mumbai who can assist you with this activity. It’s an effective way to promote your marketing strategies, […]

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Career in Blogging?

The word ‘Blog’ is one of the numerous terms spawned by modern Internet, which entered our language dictionaries quite recently. Nowadays, you often get to see and hear the words ‘Career’ and ‘Blogging’ in tandem. It’s for the reason that blogging has emerged as a decent career option. There are hundreds and thousands of bloggers […]

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5 Most Important Principles of Graphic Design

Graphic design is an artistic expression that visually stimulates emotional and aesthetic feelings in an observer. There are some elements, basic principles and several other design techniques that are intrinsic in a skillful graphic design, which graphic designers typically follow in their craft. Here, we are going to list and explain the five most important […]

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