Do you think e-learning sector has any future scope? Let’s find out. Earlier education took place in the classroom form. However, with the advent of Internet and technology, e-learning came into existence and it has evolved over several iterations since then. Its convenience, flexibility, and the availability of resources from anywhere and at any time has made it easy for the learners.

In the fast-paced world the available technologies are always changing. Therefore, it is necessary to update your e-learning courses to keep up with this change. Stylus, an established company for e-learning content development in Mumbai would like to share with you some emerging trends in e-learning.


Gamification in learning has widespread in recent years. Soon it will become an integral part of online training. Gamification helps in knowledge absorption and retention, it also makes the learning experience enjoyable and effective for the learner.

Mobile learning or m-learning

Adopting mobile learning has been on an upswing. The courses can seamlessly run on multiple devices like on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. It gives the user an advantage of continuous access to the learning process. Mobile apps are also provided to the users wherein they do not have access to Internet.


Microlearning is learning any course in small bites instead of a big course that need 60 minutes or more. These micro e-learning courses are easy to understand and grasp. Mostly, each microlearning course is self-standing and addresses one learning objective. It covers specific topics in a short time.

Collaborative and Social learning

This is an e-learning approach wherein learners are able to socially interact with other learners. It helps the learners to exchange their ideas, knowledge, and skills. It can be done through live chats, instant messaging and offline messaging. Learners are able to communicate from different geographical locations and time zones. It also provides a central repository of information that can be accessed by anywhere and anytime.

Performance Support Tools (PSTs)

Performance Support Tools assist the employees in learning while they need it at their work. They are intended to support and guide employees when at work.

In the coming years, e-learning has so much more to offer to its learner.  So, if you are thinking of investing in an eLearning development Mumbai, hesitate no more and make sure to visit Stylus for assistance.