Micro content is a great way of providing information using fewer words. Nowadays, more and more individuals want to consume information within a shorter period, and hence, micro content is becoming a preferred choice of knowledge transfer. Incorporating micro content may help you significantly in your marketing strategies. Hence, there exist a number of professional micro content marketing companies, like Stylus Solutions, with expertise in creating impactful micro content for your business.

As many people prefer to get information through their smartphones, it has become a popular platform for micro content. Mobile learning now involves using devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, etc., that work best with micro content. Here, micro content offers bits of information summarised from a larger content and is available in many forms, such as diagrams, infographics, short-learning videos, etc.

Let’s see some of the methods using which you can include micro content effectively in your mobile learning strategy.

  • Apply performance support

Performance support consists of providing tips and tricks, with shorter texts that a learner can access when required.

Suppose you have prepared well for your first interview, and when the day arrives, you arranged to access a cheat sheet of the most common questions on your phone. Here, your cheat sheet is an example of a support tool. In some cases, a support tool can easily replace formal training, for example, following a step-by-step video tutorial while cooking or fixing something.

  • Make use of assessment and reinforcement

People mainly prefer to access information through their smartphones. Providing micro content through a phone is a great way to assess or emphasise the information delivered through some other methods.

In a training program, a learner may need to complete certain checkpoints as assignments on the phone. The assignments can be in the form of a quiz related to the key concept. Using this method in the learning portal, the tutor can track the progress of each individual easily. The facilitator can also provide key takeaways that learners can access anytime through their phones.

  • Reduce the knowledge gap

One of the major challenges faced in content marketing is the constant updates in the content, for example, the procedural changes. If you can convey these updates in the form of micro content, mobile development becomes very beneficial.

For example, if people in your firm follow a standard approach to perform a certain activity, there could be a need to change a procedure. In such cases, you can create an application with micro-video content that allows others to follow the new guidelines and perform the same activity

  • Make it fun

You can make use of micro content to turn long or boring content into something more enjoyable. You may create challenges, game-like assessments, or small contests for friendly competitions. If you can make a complex form of content more fun and appealing, it will benefit your learners in adapting to a new concept.

You can use these proven practices to improve your mobile learning through micro content. You can do it yourself or save your time and efforts by contacting an organisation that deals with micro content marketing, like Stylus Solutions, for high-quality, engaging micro content. You can visit www.stylusolutions.com or mail at [email protected].