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Confused Between E-learning and Traditional Learning

The method of delivering education outside the confines of a traditional classroom is known as e-learning or electronic learning. It also falls under the umbrella of distance learning or online learning. In the pandemic and post-pandemic period, the concept of e-learning has picked up momentum and has given birth to a number of elearning content […]

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Factors To Be Considered While Adding Audio To E-learning Videos

Do e-learning course developers consider audio as their best friend? Many assume that in e-learning videos, the visual factor is more important than the audio as people are more likely to be drawn to the images rather than the sound. On the other hand, interactivity is also highly promoted when developing e-learning videos. It is […]

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4 Prejudices About Online Learning

When we talk about education, people think about traditional classrooms with whiteboard, books, pencils, etc. But due to technological advancements, the way of providing education to students has completely changed. People no longer have to travel long distance and be physically present to learn. Currently, online learning is one of the most preferred ways of […]

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Designing Your Best eLearning Content Strategy

eLearning providers australia is a great way to train students and employees, providing better outcomes at a lower cost. It is preferred more than the traditional teaching methods, which involve classroom and study supplies. Due to its growing popularity, many large organizations and institutions are getting help from eLearning companies in Mumbai like Stylus Solutions […]

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Advantages of eLearning Over Traditional Classroom

In the past, you had to follow the traditional learning methods that involved whiteboard, books, and being present at a certain location at a specified time. As times are changing, people are now looking forward to easy learning methods to learn what they want without any geographic or time constraints. These growing demands have given […]

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