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Do’s & Don’ts of E-Learning

“We need to bring learning to people instead of people to learning.” – Elliot Masie E-learning or internet based learning can be defined as education for the masses over the internet, automatically placing power in the hands of an e learning developer.  E-learning content development companies in Mumbai cater to the expectation of learners to make […]

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Blended Learning

While e learning companies in Mumbai are gaining importance because of the ever increasing need for online training material, the old school method of training in classrooms is not yet totally replaced. Can it be? Well, let’s dive into this thought. Where are we today on the learning paradigm? Corporates are now converting most of […]

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Creating great animations for e-learning

Many experts have mixed views about animation as an effective elearning medium. Many even think that it undermines the value of the learning experience. The truth, however, is that animations gives life to your content because they visually communicate your idea to the audience. They make your elearning course more interesting by adding the entertainment […]

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Invited as a Speaker for E-learning

                      Delnaz Edulji – Speaker at the ‘Employee Transformation in the Digital Age’ Summit Stylus Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (one of the leading elearning companies in Mumbai) participated in the ‘Employee Transformation in the Digital Age’ Summit that emphasized on how E-learning or digital learning can […]

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How gamification can enhance e-learning

Learning is exciting when it is fun! Experts and professionals in elearning companies in India and other countries come up with new techniques from time to time to enhance learning experiences.  One such technique is gamification or game-based learning. Studies suggest that gamification can improve the elearning experience by 91%. Gamification provides engaging experiences, influences […]

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