When we talk about education, people think about traditional classrooms with whiteboard, books, pencils, etc. But due to technological advancements, the way of providing education to students has completely changed. People no longer have to travel long distance and be physically present to learn. Currently, online learning is one of the most preferred ways of learning. It is beneficial to both institutions as well as students as it saves cost, time and is easy to understand. Due to the growing demands, many organizations and institutions are looking towards e-learning companies in Mumbai, like, Stylus Solutions, to help them create high-quality courses.

It takes some time for people to get used to anything that is new. Though online learning has its advantages, people are still skeptical regarding the quality of online courses.

Let’s see some of the prejudices people have about online e learning Dubai.

  • eLearning is not suitable for certain courses

One of the most common myths about online earning is that it is not suitable for specific subjects, such as laboratories, science, and theatre. It is because some courses require the physical presence of a teacher. It may also be possible that some teachers may feel confused as there are no established platforms. But some courses offer both online lectures and laboratory features. It is possible to have a laboratory through simulation software that helps learners perform practicals, tests, and so on thus, providing them with a similar experience as a real laboratory. E learning Dubai companies in UAE can help you create courses with all the required features.

  • Inability to comprehend online information

Many people doubt the credibility of the information available online. Online learning is not about telling students to explore everything on their own. Even though professors are not present physically, they are always available to guide students. Professors engage with students, explain topics, and solve doubts regularly. You can check the credibility of the course by enquiring about it from the instructors. E-learning companies in India can provide different features, such as chat rooms, comments sections, etc. to help you get in touch with your instructors.

  • Online learning separates the learner from society

People think just because learners spend most of their time learning online, it will hamper their social interactions. Socializing is more than spending time with other learners in a traditional classroom setting. Nowadays, people tend to socialize more via. the Internet, mostly through social media platforms. People can learn the art of socializing if they are given a chance to interact with other people.

  • Online learning is simple

Traditional learning is costly and time-consuming. You need to pay huge amounts and be present at the scheduled time. On the other hand, online learning is more flexible. You can proceed at your own pace and learn from anywhere and anytime. Just like traditional learning, online learning requires effort. You need to plan your time and succeed in the examinations to graduate with an online degree. You need to be disciplined enough to finish the course on time and successfully crack the examination.

These are some of the prejudices around online learning. If you feel this way, you should check out an online course to clear your misconceptions. If you are an institution or an organization, you can contact e learning Dubai companies in UAE, like, Stylus Solutions, to create effective and impactful courses for your learners. You can visit www.stlyusolutions.com or mail at [email protected].