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Invited as a Speaker for E-learning

                      Delnaz Edulji – Speaker at the ‘Employee Transformation in the Digital Age’ Summit Stylus Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (one of the leading elearning companies in Mumbai) participated in the ‘Employee Transformation in the Digital Age’ Summit that emphasized on how E-learning or digital learning can […]

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How gamification can enhance e-learning

Learning is exciting when it is fun! Experts and professionals in elearning companies in India and other countries come up with new techniques from time to time to enhance learning experiences.  One such technique is gamification or game-based learning. Studies suggest that gamification can improve the elearning experience by 91%. Gamification provides engaging experiences, influences […]

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Modern Trends in Education

“Never stop learning because life never stops teaching.” Classroom memories are the most cherished memories. From the dedicated first benchers to the naughtiest last benchers, from eating while the teacher is teaching to escaping the class unnoticed. Who will ever forget them? Well, the education has system has changed by leaps and bounds. The intrusion […]

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5 Key Things to Do before Creating an E-learning Course

So you are all set for a new e-learning project. You have met the client, discussed the project, shared your samples and done everything that you must to acquire the project. The client is so pleased with your experience and skills that he wants to start right off! But wait, you need to do your […]

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Future of E-Learning

Do you think e-learning sector has any future scope? Let’s find out. Earlier education took place in the classroom form. However, with the advent of Internet and technology, e-learning came into existence and it has evolved over several iterations since then. Its convenience, flexibility, and the availability of resources from anywhere and at any time […]

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