Are you disappointed reading books that have no flow? Flow of content is of utmost importance while developing K12 courseware. This can be best achieved by having a clear idea on how to approach the development process.

Approach is a process of presenting the content to the learners in a systematic way. For a course to be more effective, it is necessary to get the building blocks right. Even though the courses may differ in subject matter, scope or level, a well-ordered process will help you design and structure your course to successfully reach anticipated goals.

Now let’s understand how using different approaches can help enrich the learning experiences of learners.

  1. Concentric Approach

The complete syllabus is expanded over a number of years. In this approach, at the starting of the course, the entire aspect is given to students in a basic way. In the successive years, detailed parts are gradually added according to the mental development of the students. The whole of the prescribed course is studied again and again each year but with more details each time. Sometimes this approach is referred to as spiral approach. The teaching style followed here is from simple to complex / easy to difficult.

  1. Topical Approach

In the topical approach, as the name suggests, a few topics of the course are included in the curriculum of a particular grade. These topics should cover all the contents or learning experiences related to that topic in that grade only. The topic is not repeated in the earlier or later grades.

  1. Chronological Approach

The complete course is split into various eras/events which are taught in chronological order. Such kind of approach is typically used to develop subjects like History. Chronological approach uses the natural order of events, thus enabling the students to grasp the idea of ‘time factor’. In this approach, the era once covered is not repeated and students are introduced to new eras in the successive years so that their interest in the subject is sustained.


In conclusion, these approaches are very important to attain the desired goals while developing a curriculum. So, if you are looking for courseware development in India, be sure to start with an approach in mind. Remember, the better the courseware written, the better the learning.