You can perform blogging as a hobby, profession or both. If it’s your hobby, you can easily blog without investing a penny. But, if you want to take that huge leap towards professional blogging, you must invest a certain something to get started.

Many hobbyist bloggers often start doing it professionally later. Many of them even go on to become one of many expert blog writers in Mumbai and other cities. However, you may have to incur some cost to get noticed and fulfil objectives such as;

  • To retain more control over your blog and
  • To increase chances of getting your blog monetised.

Now that you know why you should invest in your blog, let’s check out a few investments necessary for a professional blog.

  • Custom domain

One of the initial investments for your blog will be for purchasing a custom domain. Getting a custom domain helps your blog to look more professional, compared to being hosted on or A custom domain is also beneficial for other objectives, such as applying Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), setting up a custom email address, creating your brand identity, etc.

  • Selfhosting

Using free hosting services such as, comes with certain limitations. When using free services, you do not have complete control over your blog. If the hosting service goes down, you will lose your blog, and all the years of hard work will go in vain. That’s why it is recommended to self-host your blog.

  • Theme

Your blog should be clean, easy to navigate and look appealing to the visitor. You may use a free theme during the initial phase. However, it is generally advised to invest in a professional theme, especially if you want to sell products or services through your blog. A professionally customised theme helps you to look legitimate, building trust among your audience.

  • Branding

Branding helps you to stand out from the crowd and establish a legitimate identity. It involves your logo, theme or design, colours, etc. You can invest in a professional graphic designer to create your logo and other designs, or you can try it by yourself using tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Canva.

  • Professional blog content

To increase the quality of your blog and make it look more professional, it is highly recommended to hire a professional content writer. Experience allows a writer to create quality blog posts, which will bring better audience engagement. You can always get in touch with any of the specialist content writing companies in Mumbai that are known to create top-notch content.

  • Social media promotion

You can post ads on Facebook and Instagram to get your content in front of a quality audience and drive them towards your blog. It allows you to create a vast customer base, as social media ads can target a group of people more interested in specific niche and are likely to engage more.

  • Stock photos

High-quality visual content helps you to attract more readers. It is vital to use paid photos as they are unique, and you can avoid using the same photos used by thousands of other bloggers. Today, many websites provide high-quality stock images with a price, such as Shutterstock.

Research thoroughly and be careful before spending your money, to determine whether the spending will be fruitful or not. Apart from investing in your blog, always focus on your content quality. If you have poor content, your blog is bound to fail. To avoid this, you can always collaborate with one of many professional blog writers in Mumbai, such as available in Stylus Solutions to write your content. You can visit our website at or you can mail your queries at [email protected].