When it comes to learning, everyone has their strengths and preferences. You learn things at your own pace.

Nowadays, more organizations involved in education are making efforts to develop e-learning programs, customised to provide instructional knowledge and skills. This is to enable the readers to learn effectively, as per their own schedule.

While creating an e-learning course, multiple factors, such as target audience, analysis, development, and evaluation, play vital roles. Hence, e-learning content development in Mumbai and other regions generally operates around these factors. It is equally important to choose the right e-learning course that fits your requirements, so that the objective of beneficial learning is achieved.

Hence, first you need to select the right e-learning method, given that there are following different types of e-learning content to choose from.

  • Learner-centred content

Learner-centred content places the learner at the centre of the learning. It is the type of content based on the learner’s existing knowledge and ability to learn. It encourages the learners to be active and responsible, enabling them to solve problems on their own. This type of content is often used in learning for a specific job in a private organisation.

  • Engaging content

It involves using creative and motivating learning methods for developing content. You can add visual elements, such as videos, infographics, and animations, to make learning easy and appealing. This helps the learner to understand and retain the content easily.

  • Interactive content

If you need to know whether a learner has understood the content or not, you can ask questions at the end of each chapter. You can also ask them to summarise the chapter in short or provide feedback. Such interactive methods, as further refined by many e-learning companies in Mumbai, help you to understand the effectiveness of the course and make the learner pay attention.

  • Personalisation

Here, a course is designed to provide instruction-based content by studying learners’ progress. By tracking the students’ performance and asking for feedback, you can incorporate necessary changes to make the course more learner friendly.

Based on the how training is delivered to learners, an e-learning method can be of synchronous type of asynchronous type.

  • Synchronous learning

Synchronous learning takes place when users communicate in real-time. It includes training through chatting, video calling, audio conferencing, live broadcasting, virtual classroom, etc.

  • Asynchronous learning:

Asynchronous learning is not time dependent. You can learn in your own time using the online learning platforms, without any interaction with instructors or other learners. Let us look at a few asynchronous learning methods.

  • Self-study

Self-study is the most common method of e-learning. It asks the learners to learn through an online repository of information, and without any demonstration in a classroom and follow up with queries.

  • Mobile learning

Mobile phones have allowed us to broaden our scope of communication and made it easier to learn, as it is portable and cost-effective. To learn on a mobile phone, device compatibility, internet connection, even the screen size is important.

  • Video-based learning

For some, learning through videos makes it easy to understand. Using tutorial videos can help learners to understand a process, as these videos help to communicate the content better that simple text. However, length of the video is important, when you intend to create engaging content that learners can find appealing.

  • Game-based learning

This is a new method used for productive learning. In many organisations, game-based learning is used to motivate learners, which allows them to grasp knowledge more efficiently. It can also help them to concentrate and enhance their problem-solving skills.

You can choose an e-learning method based on your target audience and the type of content. Any of the professional e-learning companies in Mumbai can help you to select appropriate e-learning method for your business. Stylus Solutions is one such company that can help you to develop a more productive e-learning course with immersive learning experiences. You can visit our website at www.stylusolutions.com or mail us at [email protected].