In today’s world, graphic designing has become a fundamental part of every business. For all the attractive images you see in commercials, a professional graphic design company in India is likely to be behind those ideas. By combining technology and human creativity, you can now attract the audiences’ interest more efficiently. However, with constantly changing technologies, there are now different types of graphic designs, each requiring unique set of skills.

Let us look at the different types of graphic designs.

  • Visual Identity Graphic Design

Graphic design is essential to build your brand, which starts with creating an identity. The first impression a brand creates is very important. Hence, a graphic designer should possess the qualities and skills required to create a visual brand standard for a company. Such standard is applicable across different media to ensure brand consistency.

  • Marketing and Advertising Graphic Design

You must have seen several advertisements on TV, shopping malls and in other places. These can create awareness about a brand and its product or services, which increases the sale. A good marketing strategy is important obtain such awareness.

People like looking at attractive visual content, which helps in communicating with the people. A graphic designer focuses on the target audience, their needs and expectation. It is usually easy to get a graphic design company in India to prepare professional marketing designs for your company.

  • User Interface Graphic Design

User interface (UI) is often used to facilitate interaction between a user and the device or application. Often graphic designers are given the job to build an interface that is user-friendly.

With the help of an effective graphic design, a UI designer creates a visual layout that includes buttons, menus and other interactive items. These elements are used to build websites, games, desktop apps and mobile apps. A UI designer works with user experience designers to ensure an easy and convenient interaction, and UI developers write the code to display the layout.

  • Publication Graphic Design

Publication designs include designs created for magazines, newspapers, catalogues, books, etc. These designs are very different from each other according to the type of publication. A good publication design is created to complement the text, layout and typography along with printing and binding standards.

However, now-a-days, not many people read actual print material, as most reading resources have now become digital. In such cases, a graphic designer works with editors and publisher to create digital layouts, graphics and illustrations.

  • Packaging Graphic Design

When you purchase a product, you see a label with the brand’s name on it. Such packages also display a lot of information carefully organised in a limited space. This information includes important and legal text about the product.

A graphic designer is responsible for creating a packaging design with attractive graphics. It is a refined skill to create a packaging layout that satisfies the manufacturer’s needs.

  • Motion Graphic Design

Motion graphic designs allow you to create an illusion of animation. You may see the examples of such designs in media including movies, television shows, commercials, etc. Motion graphics are often used in 2-D and 3-D animations, used in video games, websites banners and mobile apps.

Learning about the different types of graphic design will help you identify your need to create one. A professional graphic design company in Mumbai can help you produce a design suited for your requirement. Stylus Solutions is one such company that offers services to design and create high-quality graphic designs.