The art of writing is not everyone’s cup of tea, and even if you are a writer, it is very hectic and demanding and has a complex routine to follow. Professional writers have to overcome various challenges that are part and parcel of the occupation. Let’s discuss the challenges faced by content writers and ways to overcome them.

Writer’s Block

Every now and then, there comes a phase in every writer’s career when his/her creative juices stop flowing the way they used to. Even the best of writers are susceptible to this condition, in which they find it difficult to pen their thoughts on paper or have no clue what to write. To overcome a writer’s block, it is generally recommended to take a break from writing, try some outdoor activities and read your way through some thought-provoking writing until you find your groove back.

Fully-formed Ideas

Do you wait for the right idea to hit you before you start writing a piece? Well… get out of that habit and pen down your ideas anyway. Developing a complete blueprint of an assignment in your mind or knowing the form your project is going to take is a time consuming process. Before ideas hit you like lightning and you get that quick shock of brilliance, getting started on the basic idea and following your innovative writing instincts is the best way to go.


Self-doubt stems from low self-confidence, intimidation of competition and fear of failure. As a writer, it is imperative for you to trust your creativity and vision; confront challenges head on to become conscious of your limits and take failure as a stepping stone to success. Self-belief and positive attitude is the foundation on which your hard-work will build your success.

Vocabulary failure

It is common for writers to fall short of words, expressions and terminologies to express their exact thought or convey the right meaning. Thesaurus comes handy in such situations and taking its assistance doesn’t necessarily mean you are an incompetent writer. It is just a pragmatic approach to save time and ease the stress off your mind. If not Thesaurus, we, at Stylus­ Solutions—a content writing company, always have the option of consulting our team members, who are one of the best blog writers in Mumbai.


Being a perfectionist is a very familiar trait found in almost all writers. The need to create something perfect pushes writers to delay their projects and miss deadlines frequently. The best way to deal with this challenge is to get a second-opinion on your work and improve on the feedback rather than your own judgement.

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