“Students, it’s time for your assessment!”

The most dreadful words in a student’s life are also one of the most important ones. Assessments stand as a proof of knowledge that the learning was successful. Thus, all professional corporate courses or K12 course development agencies, such as Stylus Solutions, ask their subject matter experts to give special attention while developing the assessments using authentic methods.

Assessment questions are an important part of education, be it schools, colleges or online learning courses. Including assessment questions in the courseware books, emphasizes on the possibilities to improve students’ capability through self-evaluation techniques, i.e., to view their own performance and work on it. Moreover, it helps the instructors to apprehend how well the learners understand, what they need to revise and how ready they are to learn more.

Assessments can be formative or summative. Formative assessments are expected to provide ongoing feedback that can be used by instructors to improve their teaching and by students to improve their learning. On the other hand, summative assessments are expected to evaluate student’s learnings at the end of course on the basis of a set standard.

Assessment is the process of obtaining and interpreting evidence that help the instructors to evaluate the learners. Assessments should be able to disclose how well students have understood what we want them to learn. For this to happen, assessments and learning objectives should be closely aligned so that they support one another.

  • Learning objectives: What should the students know when they finish the course?

  • Assessments: What kinds of tasks will reveal whether students have achieved the learning objectives?

It also, helps to verify whether the goals of education are met. Assessments are to be designed in such a way that students understand their progress towards the course goals and modify their activities in order to meet those goals. Without effective assessments, any courseware development cannot be considered complete. Assessments help us in tackling important questions like:

  • Are we adopting the right teaching techniques?

  • Are students learning what we are teaching?

  • Can the subject be taught in a better way?

Well-developed assessments can inspire active learning, particularly when the assessments are conveyed in an innovative and engaging manner. Measuring student performance requires expertise. Stylus Solutions, fortified with a team of experienced subject matter experts, set performance-based assessments and tests for different domains in various forms—fill in the blanks, true or false, match the columns, odd one out, MCQs and so on.

Assessment questions form an integral part of your courseware books. Therefore, it’s best to not take it lightly.

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