Do you think you have a blog writer in you? Well, of course you have! Every one of us is a potential wordsmith or a prospective Wordsworth for the future generation. I believe everyone has something they want to share with the world and what better way is there to express your thoughts than a blog. So, if you want to be one of the best blog writers in Mumbai, you might want to read the following five essential tips to write a captivating blog.

  1. Catchy Title

An eye-catching title is the first requirement for a blog. You are required to label the blog in such a way that it should summarise the whole content of blog in a one tag line. The title should be attractive as well as technically correct. You must not wander off from the topic in your effort to make the title more alluring than relevant.

  1. Graphical Representation

Graphical representation aids in the apprehension of the blog content. Insertion of pictures should be suitable to the content of the blog. Photographs, drawings and paintings also add the visual appeal to the blog making it more pleasing to read. Throwing in some valuable piece of advice, in order to avoid any copyright infringement lawsuits, make sure you give the sources of all the images used in your blog a proper credit.

  1. Video Attachment

To attach a video to your blog may not be a bad idea. You can add a video related to the concerned content to your blog. Videos are usually added to explain some complicated terms mentioned in the blog but they are also included to add some additional information. You can insert videos from popular video websites like YouTube to add some extra bit of detail to your blog.

  1. Pop-culture References

Popular culture is the only way in which you can spice up your blog. Try implanting allegorical references to relate, contrast and explain the content of your blog. You can use popular characters and stories from movies, novels and television shows, life-events of famous people and sayings of great intellectuals. Any relatable and specific detail from basic science, history, culture, religion and architecture can also be added.

  1. Conversational Writing

In order to make the blog reader-friendly, you must use have an informal approach while writing the blog. You are allowed to use colloquial language as well as technical terms, as far as a regular person can understand. Write in a relaxed manner like you are having a casual conversation with another person.

Now put your fingers on your pen or keyboard and start writing your mind. If you stick to the aforementioned tips you will definitely become one of the best content writers in Mumbai.