Old is indeed gold. We have often seen several trends of the 70’s and 80’s returning with a bang. Well, the world of graphic design in no different. While evergreen sophistication through simplicity and minimalism will stick around, it is the return of vintage trends that is making a comeback this seas

  • Responsive Logos 

The penetration of Internet and usage of devices of different sizes and utilities has certainly challenged graphic designers to create responsive logos. Companies are now adding a responsive touch to logos designed so as to add a malleability feature and present them on various formats without losing the essence.

  • Gradients

Professionals with graphic design companies in Mumbai or anywhere in the country believe that gradients are elements that make a good design – great. Gradients add an element of directional control. They add depth to the designs. However, designers must stay cautioned against the overuse of gradient since it can easily distract the viewers from the core design. Keep it simple for stronger outputs.

  • Debonair duotones

Duotones are predicted to be one of the hottest trends of the season. They bring an aura of style and an impressive vibe for the brand. Duotones are not just about using two contrasting colours, it is also bold and quirky use of colours. While graphic designers are never afraid to experiment and may engage two colours that may not match, duotones help to create the most simple two-colour projects.

  • Animations and GIFs

Customers feel in control when they are able to manipulate an interface and work quickly. Animations and GIFs are a great way to communicate ideas, concepts and processes ensuring the content does not lose its original flavours. Ads, newsletters, illustrations, logos and icons can be made interesting with animations and GIFs. Go ahead and connect with a proficient graphic design company in Mumbai like Stylus Solutions and let professionals add these to your next design coz they are slick and appealing.

  • Bold fonts

Expect a season of bold and bigger typography. A season where graphics designers are not petrified of using large font sizes and even bigger headlines. While the sans serifs font has dominated various forms of digital space, expect their extra-bold members of the family to make a commendable comeback. Decorative and hand crafted fonts will be a part of artistic and experimental typography and creative layouts, for in print and online media.

  • Made-to-order graphics

While there are plenty of ready to use drawings, paintings, photography, illustrations, images, graphics and other alternatives available online, the need for a custom made graphic art or illustration cannot be diluted. A design specifically curated to suit a particular need, enhances and adds personality to a brand and this trend has witnessed an upward graph this season.

Change is the only constant element in the field of graphic design. Considering these and many more variations in design elements that rule this dynamic graphic design company India, it truly is an intriguing time for the industry.