When a courseware is developed, its aim is to educate leaners. From k12 course development to eLearning on the go, the audience may range from tiny toddlers learning their ABCs to working professionals pushing their career ahead. With something as precarious as knowledge consumption at stake, who vouches the authenticity of the study material?

A subject matter expert also known as an SME is an individual with a profound knowledge of the subject. The domain can include, not limited to, a topic, process, equipment, machine, function or technology. You must be wondering as to who agrees to the legitimacy of an SME? Well, it’s actually no one. An instructor teaching Math to grade six is considered an SME. Similarly, a professor teaching chemistry to students pursuing their master’s degree, will be considered an SME too.

Typically, subject matter experts gather knowledge and expertise in their fields through exclusive dedication to the subject over several years. Many SMEs also pursue advanced degrees to further upgrade their expertise. They may work as authors, researchers, writers and instructors to keep themselves updated in their topic of expertise.

The role of an SME in course development is separate from the other entities involved such as the instruction designers, the decision makers or the facilitators. A subject matter expert is responsible for providing core knowledge upon which the training material is developed.

An SME will plan the objectives and chalk out a path to achieve those objectives through proper placement of content, animations, illustrations, infographics, scenarios and role plays. Validating content and to provide testimonials also falls under an SME’s work profile. This is followed by the development of thought-provoking assessment questions to check learners’ retention of the content, another key role of the expert.

Needless to say, without an SME’s help the courseware created will ineffective and useless.

SMEs exist in all fields and disciplines and it is the result of several years of intense research, study and hard work.

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