Learning is exciting when it is fun! Experts and professionals in elearning companies in India and other countries come up with new techniques from time to time to enhance learning experiences.  One such technique is gamification or game-based learning. Studies suggest that gamification can improve the elearning experience by 91%.

Gamification provides engaging experiences, influences learner behaviour and evokes competitive spirit. It is estimated that by 2020, gamification will dominate the communication and education scenario. Let us look in detail how gamification improves elearning.

From Learn to Fun

Humans have an innate need for learning and what best to fulfil this need than play. Yes, game-based learning fascinates adults as much as kids.  A basic feature of gamification is that it combines education and entertainment in the most creative ways to impart new skills in the most engaging ways.

Enhanced learning experiences

Gamification improves knowledge retention. It allows learners to engage with the content in an informal setting. This also gives them an opportunity to simulate actual situations and challenges, but in a controlled environment. Including features like quizzes, highlight zones, flip cards, mystery hunting and discussion boards in your elearning course retains learner attention.

Encouraging the learner

Gamification motivates people to learn as it allows them to engage in healthy competition. Achieving goals for top scores, ranking and rewards encourages them to participate in the training or course with enthusiasm. This also nullifies the need for forced learning. Game-based elearning also provides the opportunity for teamwork. Team-based games improve communication; learners can collaborate towards achieving group goals or discuss tactics while competing against other teams.

Gamification rewards not only acknowledge a learner’s progress or success, but also provide a motive to engage in future learning programs.

Prompt feedback

Gamified e-learning courses have in-built features that provide instant feedback, enabling learners to evaluate their learning. This gives them a clear picture of where they are lacking and needs improvement.

Structured micro learning

Gamification emphasises micro learning, where courses are organised into small nuggets. It is based on the fact that retaining information in small parts is much easier than learning as a whole. This type of learning focuses on achieving micro goals to increase productivity. This also improves engagement and motivation.

Applicable across multiple domains

From ice-breaking exercises during onboarding and induction to elearning for sales and customer support to communication and process training, gamification can fulfil most learning needs.

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