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Types of Micro Content

Nowadays, most people spend considerable amount of their time travelling and they spent almost 90% of that time on their mobile phones. However, nobody wants to spend time reading large paragraphs of text in articles or watching long videos. Almost everyone prefers shorter articles or videos that are good enough to convey the intended message. […]

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Tips for Creating Good Micro Content

Are you someone who wants to increase your online presence? Do you want to advertise your brand on multiple platforms? Do you want to promote your services creatively and reach a wide variety of audience? If you own a business or are working as a marketing professional, constantly troubled by such questions, you may want […]

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Micro Content Training Session

Delnaz Edulji — the Managing Director and CEO at Stylus Solutions Pvt. Ltd. — was invited by STC India to conduct an online training session on micro content. The session was held on 6th of July, 2020 in association with STC India, a platform that plays a key role in educating technical communication professionals in […]

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Micro Content & Why You Need it

Considering today’s lifestyle, most of us spend considerable time travelling. 90% of the people are seen browsing through their mobile phones while travelling, especially if they are not the ones driving. Nobody likes to read a long article or watch a one-hour video unless you find it interesting. While coming home from work, you first […]

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