Marketing puts your brand in front of millions of people. With the application of correct marketing strategy, you can easily drive the targeted audience to your website and create a large customer base for yourself.

Content plays an important part in your overall marketing strategy. It acts as a mediator and provides information about your brand, product, and services, to the customer. However, content is not only delivered in the form of text today, but also as videos, images, tweets, gifs, etc. The aim to provide content that is easy to consume and timesaving often includes the integration of micro content.

Use of Micro Content in Marketing

Micro content conveys small bits of information that answers a specific question, query, or offer other type of knowledge. People do not like to spend a lot of time reading long articles. That is why use of micro content is growing exponentially, to a degree where many prominent content providers involved in micro content marketing now find themselves quite busy.

Companies are now trying to apply micro content to get more exposure in the market. These are user-friendly, easy to understand, and preferred by most of the audience. Hence, it is essential to create micro content that looks appealing, while fulfilling your objective of creating it.

Let’s see a few ways in which you can use micro content in your marketing strategy.

  • Use micro videos in marketing

Micro video content is a crucial part of modern content marketing. People prefer watching a video rather than reading about the given topic. Micro videos are easy to consume, engaging, timesaving, and more desirable than text. Micro videos are easier to create as compared to traditional videos. Hence, more businesses are investing into micro videos due to their high Return on Investment (ROI) value. As micro videos are short, the audience is more likely to view the whole video entirely and act on the call-to-action at the end.

  • Focus on your audience’s needs

You create content for your audience. Hence, the audience’s needs and queries need to be considered. Try to make your micro content a part of their daily routine, such as providing daily tips and tricks, creating good to know information or quotes, etc.

  • Use micro influencers for promotion

You can contact micro influencers to promote your products, and services. Micro influencers often have a decent customer base, and you can use that to your advantage. These individuals may provide massive engagement as they already have an audience that trusts them and willing to listen when they post something. So, when an influencer posts about your brand, their audience traffic are rerouted towards your website, helping you to obtain maximum engagement.

  • Promote on different platforms

You should promote your content across different platforms available, to gain substantial amount of exposure. However, your micro content should suit each platform, as different platforms may have unique user base and style. Make sure your content is appealing, simply, and easy to share to a specific audience. It is often advised to use social media to get attention of a younger audience, who is more active online.

  • Use call-to-action

The main objective behind micro content is to bring you more customers. People may view your content and forget about it. Use call-to-actions, such as swipe up, click the below link, etc. to drive the audience to your services, website, etc. You can also collect their email or ask them to share your content on social media.

The marketing strategies discussed so far can help you to gain more exposure and traffic towards your business. Expert Micro content marketing companies can also offer specialised content optimised for maximum engagement. Stylus Solutions is one such company, experienced in implementing excellent micro content marketing strategies. You can visit or mail your queries at [email protected].