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Micro Content: A Marketing Strategy

Content marketing has been evolving exponentially, and there has been a definite shift in how the audience is consuming information online. Many users spend time browsing through different apps, such as Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. Hence, little attention is paid to larger contextual text when people prefer small blurbs of content, such as a headline, […]

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5 Ways to Incorporate Micro Content in Your Marketing Strategy

Marketing puts your brand in front of millions of people. With the application of correct marketing strategy, you can easily drive the targeted audience to your website and create a large customer base for yourself. Content plays an important part in your overall marketing strategy. It acts as a mediator and provides information about your […]

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Small Business Awards – Best Content Development Agency – Western India

Stylus Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has been continuously contributing to the field of content generation since 2009. Stylus has been awarded the “Best Content Development Agency in Western India” for the 2020 Small Business Awards hosted by Corporate Vision. The award is bestowed based on merit and to the company that demonstrates its success through its […]

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Implementing Micro Content with Modern Technology

You may have noticed the growing advancements in communication technologies these days. Hence, more and more companies are trying different methods to put their message in front of as many people as possible. One aspect of content marketing has gained massive traction over the last few years is micro content. What exactly is micro-content? In […]

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Why is Editing Important?

You may have fantastic writing skills and can easily produce some meticulous text; but when it comes to academic writing, having excellent writing skill is simply not enough. May it be an essay, research paper, or article, your work will fail to impress the reader if it is full of linguistic errors. Besides knowing how […]

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