Online videos have become an inevitable part of the Internet experience of today. There is a reason why YouTube is one of the most popular social media platforms out there, including Twitter and Instagram.

Videos can be an important tool in your digital marketing campaign. A video is a versatile form of media capable of promoting your business quite efficiently. The most valuable asset in video marketing today is the use of short videos. Many organisations and businesses are getting in touch with companies like Stylus Solutions that can help them with micro video marketing as a part of their marketing efforts to enhance their exposure.

Here are the most important advantages of using micro video content in your marketing campaign.

  • Improving Conversion and Sales

Vision is still the most dominant sense in us humans. So, when you combine moving pictures with some audio stimuli, you can capture anyone’s attention pretty quickly.

Videos are great tools for learning, as they are easy to consume. For example, you can create animated videos for a concept too difficult to grasp simply through text and images. Videos are also more appealing, as many would rather see a product or service in action rather than reading long descriptions. This makes videos perfect when trying to appeal to a wide audience.

So, place a short explainer video on the product page, and you can easily convert your leads into sales.

  • Building Trust

Videos are also convenient for achieving long-lasting relationships, important for consistent conversions and sales. They can provide interesting and useful information to viewers and keep them engaged. By establishing a stronger emotional connection, you are more likely to provoke a reaction from the viewer, such as to comment, share or buy.

You can also make promotional videos with some personal touch. A short conversational video can help you foster trust in your audience.

  • Achieving Good Return on Investment (ROI)

Making a video is an increasingly cheaper affair. With the use of online video editing tools, you can now create new videos at affordable costs. You can also use your smartphones to create short videos, a successful strategy among social media influencers.

One important aspect of video marketing is that content is most important for the viewers. Your target customers need information. Hence, the video’s low quality will often be forgiven if you are able to offer correct information to the viewers. Still, you should ensure both the quality and the credibility of the information provided through the videos.

  • Being Preferred by Media Platforms

Media giants such as Google prefer videos over a webpage with only text. This is because videos tend to be more engaging, and people spend more time on platforms showing videos compared to other portals. Viewers are often more likely to share a video, which guarantees higher engagement and interactions.

If you embed a YouTube video on your website, it is more likely to appear in Google search results. You can always optimise your videos with proper keywords, titles, and descriptions and link back the video to your website.

With mobile users watching videos significantly more than TV and desktop viewers, short videos are perfect for achieving further engagement in social media and driving organic traffic to your website. Often mobile users watch their video while travelling; hence, micro video content complements mobile use perfectly.

You can integrate video marketing into your content marketing strategy and produce several short videos. For example, placing an explainer video right on the home page allows visitors to stick around. A company with expertise in micro video marketing, such as Stylus Solutions, can help you create short videos perfect for viewer engagement and brand management. You can visit or mail us at [email protected].