Content marketing has been evolving exponentially, and there has been a definite shift in how the audience is consuming information online. Many users spend time browsing through different apps, such as Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. Hence, little attention is paid to larger contextual text when people prefer small blurbs of content, such as a headline, short clip, or message. Due to the growing demand, companies are reaching out to micro content marketing companies like Stylus Solutions to incorporate micro content in their marketing strategy.

Micro content includes short snippets of content that are easily consumable within 30 seconds on average. This type of content is often delivered through mobile phones. Instead of reading long paragraphs, people would rather see short video clips, images, infographics, graphs, tables, or titles and summary blurbs.

Hence, you need a content strategy that integrates micro content perfectly with your existing media outreach. Here are a few essential aspects to maximize micro content and engage more audiences, converting them into your customers.

  • Focus on important information

With your micro content, you need to grab attention and turn the curious spectators into regular visitors. Provide standalone information that can be consumed within a short time, such as snippets of information, micro video content, etc., working as a hook to entice visitors to come back for more. Remember to include critical phrases sought after by your target audience and offer micro content in the desired form.

  • Ensure regular visits

Make sure that your content stands out in the crowd so that visitors will seek out more. Establish credibility to ensure that visitors will come back and look up to you as an expert in the concerning area of interest.

  • Offer serialized content

You can always break down your content into smaller portions accessible through articles or videos. For example, micro video content is viral on Twitter and Instagram, providing multiple pieces of a larger narrative that visitors don’t want to miss. It is always beneficial when these small pieces of content are by-products of your regular work rather than something unrelated.

  • Inspire call to action

Once you have visitors who engage with your content, direct them to your website. Ask them to share your work through social media, sign up for the newsletter, or communicate what you can do for them to assure better engagement and more customers.

  • Select the right platform

Research your target audience and popular media platforms. It is vital to know where to focus and put your content in front of the right audience. Try the available mediums, such as Instagram, Twitter, etc., and prepare your content accordingly.

You can use news apps and social media platforms as the prime venues for micro content marketing in India. You can always seek help from companies like Stylus Solutions to create the most effective micro content. You can visit  or mail us at [email protected].