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Incorporating Graphics in Learning

Due to the technological advancements in the learning field, content delivery has changed significantly. People are moving on from traditional learning methods that involved reading to a more visually rich learning approach. There is a constant need to make learning engaging and learner-oriented. To make learning more enjoyable, graphics play a vital role. Hence, a […]

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Benefits of Using Infographics in Courseware

With more advanced technology, educational institutions now have several educational tools to connect with and engage their students. Infographics are one such modern technique that allows you to deliver comprehensive educational courseware. Institutions and organizations have started contacting graphic design companies in India like Stylus Solutions to help them accomplish effective infographics for their courseware. […]

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Best Graphic Design Strategies for Your Brand

Whenever people talk about a specific company, the first thing that comes to our mind is the logo. But a brand is more than just a visual design. Branding involves making your company look credible while marketing its products or services. It is designed to help you grab the customer’s attention. A professional graphic design […]

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Common Graphic Design “faux pas” to Avoid

If you are a graphic designer, you certainly know a few rules you need to follow, while creating those unusual and eye-catching designs. The standard approach remains the same, whether you are designing a website, logo, poster, or a book. However, you need to continually advance your skills as per new market requirements and try […]

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6 Types of Graphic Designs

In today’s world, graphic designing has become a fundamental part of every business. For all the attractive images you see in commercials, a professional graphic design company in India is likely to be behind those ideas. By combining technology and human creativity, you can now attract the audiences’ interest more efficiently. However, with constantly changing […]

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