Your company’s identity needs to be unique and easily recognisable by the customers from a marketing perspective. Branding is a technique that provides your company a unique identity. Branding is one of the most important components of marketing. Hence, to prepare for their branding strategy, an organisation may often get help from an expert graphic design company in Mumbai.

A brand is a sign, symbol, design, words, or combination of all of these that identifies the company or a product and distinguishes it from the competitors. An effective brand projects credibility and helps in building trust among the customers. A professional graphic design company in India would be well aware of the methods to provide a unique identity to your company.

Let’s see some of the important stages of an effective branding process.

  • Connection between organisational goals and brand personality

Your organisation’s goals will be the foundation of your branding strategy. The company should establish these goals so that the designing team works in the right direction. Before designing, the team should identify the character of the company. It is vital to have seamless communication between the marketing team and the designer. The designer should ask the appropriate questions and understand the team’s requirements clearly before the work begins.

  • Market research and target audience

The next step is to perform market research for information and potential competitors. The data recovered from the research may create a unique and efficient logo, along with a brand identity to stand out among competitors. User research is also essential in your designing strategy. Your brand should have a good impression on the audience to gain trust and turn them into customers.

  • Logo design

A logo is the basic mark of brand identity that enables a connection with the target audience. It is important to research the logo of your competitors to avoid any similarities. The artist needs to choose the style and colour of the logo that aligns with the brand. After completion, it is required to test the logo under different scenarios to ensure that everything goes well.

  • Visual elements

A logo is not the only visual element for your brand. There are a few more elements that are essential, including the typography, mascots, etc. Mascots are the designed characters used to represent a company. A mascot is used to interact and build a connection with the audience. It can increase the recognisability and the exposure of the brand among users. You can also use different fonts to project your business uniquely. You can create your custom font or use the available fonts that suit your brand.

  • Corporate brand styles

After finishing the logo and other designing elements, it is necessary to incorporate them into the established corporate style. You can use various attributes as branded items, such as business cards, correspondence, billboards, banners, etc. A graphic designing company in India can help you select the best attributes for your brand for effective advertising.

  • Instruction guide

The designers would ideally require the marketing team to use all the visual elements properly. Hence, they need to provide instructions on how to use the graphics correctly.

Brand design is a complex process and takes time to find what you need. You can always contact a graphic designing company in Mumbai, like Stylus Solutions, for professional help in designing your brand and creating a distinctly unique identity. You can visit or mail at [email protected].