“Blogging is a conversation, not a code.” – Mike Butcher

Today, communication is a need. We all want to communicate with friends, with the unknown world or with a set group of target users. A blog provides us with a platform to converse with the others – formally or informally.

In recent times, ‘blogs’ have garnered a certain level of prominence in the online exchange of information. Blogs in their very nature are pretty diverse based on their ultimate purpose. So, if you are someone trying to make it as a blog writer in a city, such as Mumbai, what you need is an accurately laid down career path in the right direction. Once set, there are several opportunities for blog writers in Mumbai.

So what kind of a blog would you like to maintain? Personal or corporate?

Personal Blogs

Well a personal blog can contain any information you may like. Let’s list a few:

·        Personal or general stories

·        Poems

·        Opinions on a selected topic

·        Information

While, some may love to voice out their views in writing using a blog, others may want to share information on specific topics. Write about what you like… your interest… your thought. Here the focus is “you – the writer”. Those who enjoy the same ideas will join along and read. Some personal blogs, such as www.digintoread.com offer informative services to its readers. These blogs are written by an expert in the particular subject.

Corporate Blogs

What do corporates need the most? Marketing of course!

Blog is one more tool … a very effective tool used by the modern corporates to attract users to their website and increase the opportunities of sale. Blogs operated by corporate houses or non-profit organisations come under this category. Corporates usually cover information that the client/reader may be interested in. Here the focus is “the reader”.

Since the corporate use blogs as an online face to its consumers, it’s imperative that they invest in hiring the experts. A corporate blog starts by writing and article and continues conversing with the clients through comments. The blogs in this case are used to present information on company products, services and success stories. Many corporations have their own internal and/or external blogs, handled by expert blog writers. So why do we need experts?

The Experts

Well, writing a blog is very different from writing an email or a support document. A blog not only needs to be informative and well-researched, but also have a more engaging and casual tone of conversing. The flow of thoughts need to be carefully captured and expressed using the right words.

Also, one of the MOST IMPORTANT and basic requirement of having a successful blog is to keep it going. Writing five articles in the first month and then having the next one ready after four months is a killer for any blog. You need to have the time to invest in writing effective blog articles on a regular basis. Though minimum 2 per month is suggested, the more the better. That’s one more reason that calls for the need of having an expert to do the blogging. Blogging is NOT a one-time activity and needs to be carefully and continuously nurtured to gain its true benefits.