“Blog writing gives you the freedom of speech over the Web. It allows you to connect with a wider audience and communicate with them through comments. You get instant feedback!” – says Maria Passwala, Content Editor at Stylus Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Blog is simply an amalgamation of two words, web and log. So what does the word mean? And what are the career opportunities if writing your heart out is your forte?

Most of you have all maintained a personal diary or a scribbling notebook at some point in our lives, right? Here you would note your personal experiences, opinions, and ideas. Doing the same on the web equates to writing a blog. It is basically the ultimate expression of you on the web.

Blogs have a wide audience and people of all ages share and connect through blogs every day.  They are a great way to network since it gives you the liberty to write and publish anything from anywhere for billions of readers across the globe.

Career Options

So how can you convert this interesting hobby into a career? A lot of blog writers in Mumbai have their own personal blogs, while others look for writing companies who develop blog articles. The key is to write about interesting and fresh. Can you write about something you don’t know about? Sure, you can with Google around. But to get the nitty-gritties right, you need to have knowledgeand passion about the topic you are writing. There are plenty of people providing blog article writing services in India.

Run your Own Blog

Tired of working under your boss’ instructions? Feel like retiring but still need a regular source of income? How about blogging? So, who can blog?

·        Doctor

·        Housewife

·        Scientist

·        Receptionist

·        Manager

·        Student

·        … Just about anyone!

Since blogging is a continuous and regular activity you need to make sure that you keep your blog fresh with new information. Now, how can you earn from your blog?

Basic online marketing + Interesting and Original Articles = Heavy Website Traffic

Heavy Website Traffic = Great Income! J

The revenue in this case depends on the traffic pulled towards a particular blog while employing advertising tools, such as Google AdSense. You can also reach out to some trusted and dedicated online marketing companies, such as Media Pasta, to draw traffic to your blog site.

Blog Writing – A Full Time Job

If you think blogging is a simple job, you’ll be in for a surprise.

Being a full time blog writer for a particular blog or company many at times demand a certain level of specialization. In accordance with your expertise, you may write on your topics of specialization, such as fashion, travel, health, etc. A blog writer in this case plays a part in a larger content development team of the organization.

To secure such an employment, a blog writer also needs some blogging experience. A budding blog writer needs to build up his/her portfolio. Content writers in Mumbai do enjoy an edge above others since the metropolis is the industrial capital of the country offering a plethora of full time jobs in this field.

If you enjoy the process of writing raw and sparkling contents,here is a career waiting for you in blog writing.

Happy blogging!