With so many amazing advantages one may find it hard to believe that blogging has certain disadvantages as well. As they say, every coin has two sides, we have explored one let us find out the cons of blogging.

  • Time consuming

Bloggers need to continuously keep updating their blogs with fresh ideas. With all possible news and information available at a click, bloggers are under pressure to be creative constantly. This demands a lot of time, efforts and may lead to frustration too ·No Social Life Bloggers are sometimes referred to as loners. Unlike a traditional office where colleagues are around, a writer usually spends a lot of time alone discovering ideas and thoughts. This often results in less communication with near and dear ones and hence little or no social life.

  • Health Problem

Well, this is one major disadvantage that bloggers across the world will agree to. Diseases like spinal pain, weak eyesight and obesity to name a few have rocketed high in the past years. People prefer to be glued to their seats instead of taking a stroll down the lane.Blogging is in a way a blogger’s little world. It comes with its allowance of loyal fans and critics. As an individual one must weigh all the options wisely before entering this fine profession.