Technical writers are the people who create technical documentation for variety of products including software applications. These documents include online help systems, user guides, hardware manuals, white papers etc.

Publishing technical content can be done in print or it could be web-based like many eBooks that are available today. So a technical writer must be efficient in mark-up and style language at the very least. There are various tools out there for those providing technical writing services in India and abroad, which can help the technical writer create the desired content.

Even if you don’t know the exact tool the job calls for, your know-how with some of the below mentioned tools will definitely give you enough credibility while you learn the company’s explicit toolset.

Adobe RoboHelp

This is an authoring tool, particularly useful in creating online help systems. It is multichannel, multiservice publishing platform that you can use to create various procedures or even a knowledge database. You can get EPUB as a standard output format in RoboHelp and you can integrate it with variety of other software.

Madcap Flare

This is another authoring tool, suitable for digital print publishing. You can create online help systems with this program.A strong alternative to RoboHelp, this tool will help you produce online documentation and also write tutorials.

Adobe Framemaker

Framemaker is known for its efficient handing of large documents. You can use it with respect to structured or unstructured content, as it final output is often very