How do Transcripts Improve SEO Rankings?

With a myriad of websites and web pages on World Wide Web, there is room only for few on the first page of search results on popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. The problem is that everyone wants their websites or web pages to be on the first page, which certainly is not […]

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Right Words in the Right Place

The most effective success strategy for every business is to take smart, and swift financial decisions. Often, this means sparing cash by reducing on pointless expenses and coming up with solutions that have minimal effect on their financial plans. There are a few occasions, however, in which the economical solution may end up costing the […]

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E-Learning – It’s All about Knowing Your Learners

Knowing your audience is the key to everything when it comes to designing and sustaining an effective online learning venture. It is important to consider your audience and their mindset when creating an e-learning course, as the project’s success is fully dependent on these aspects. Simply putting together a bunch of information and assuming that […]

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Top 5 Ways to Write an Attractive Blog

Do you think you have a blog writer in you? Well, of course you have! Every one of us is a potential wordsmith or a prospective Wordsworth for the future generation. I believe everyone has something they want to share with the world and what better way is there to express your thoughts than a […]

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Top 5 Principles of Curriculum Development

Curriculum development is a painstaking work that is as intricate and challenging as it appears simple and straightforward. A courseware developer is required to possess profound knowledge of learner’s mindset and aptitude, which is centered around his/her age and interests. Courseware developer has to keep in mind the purpose and meaning of the information that […]

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