Stylus Solutions – A Networking Partner at the L&D Leadership Summit

Stylus Solutions, with its persistent yearning for continuous growth and development, diligently works towards achieving higher goals. Keeping this vision in mind, Stylus is now a proud networking partner at the prestigious Learning and Development Leadership Summit, which is to be held in New Delhi in September 2017. Team Stylus is extremely excited and geared […]

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UK English vs. US English

According to Bernard Shaw, a playwright, the US and UK are two countries divided by a common language. Although exaggerated, this ironical statement holds truth. The difference in these languages creates a dilemma for blog writers. Depending on the audience your blog caters to, you may have to adopt either of these styles and, therefore, […]

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Brand Equals Logo – Tearing this Myth Apart

A logo is not a brand but a brand’s identity mark with which a consumer identifies the company. On the other hand, a brand is how customers perceive a company based on its quality of products, benefits and distinctiveness. The attributes of a logo can’t possibly make a company successful or unsuccessful; however, an elegant […]

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Qualities of a Great Graphic Designer

Qualities of a Great Graphic Designer   Designing is a creative art. So if you are a designer, you are already a creative soul, and let us admit, sometimes restless too. There will be crunch times when your ingenuity will take a backseat and it may get a bit difficult to satiate the taste buds […]

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The 7 Cs of e-Learning

When it comes to e-learning, content is king. If e-learning content is not designed proficiently, everything else goes down the drain. Thus, e-learning content development in Mumbai has gained tremendous importance. Developing efficient, informative and engaging e-learning content while keeping in mind the subject matter and audience is certainly a strenuous and challenging task. The person […]

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