The details are not details. They make a Design’- Charles Eames.

Through the above quote, Charles Eames (American designer, architect and film maker) states that the essence of Design lies with the Details. And is he not correct?

Many companies including Stylus Solutions, one of the best graphic design company India, believe that the key for a great design lies in the amount of detailing and efforts taken to let it reach perfection. And to get the details just right, it is imperative to abide by certain rules for designing. Let’s glance at the top 5 rules to adhere to in designing.

Rule 1: Organize by Aligning and White Space

Spacing and aligning your subject and background objects is an essential element in the process of designing. Keep enough white space in the design to avoid cluttered and messy designs. Aligning doesn’t necessarily mean stacked together. It means to position the objects of the design in a linear fashion.

Rule 2: Maintaining Balance and Contrast

Overuse of colors or text or images can ruin your design. Balance your act efficiently in order to achieve a high quality graphic. Just like the way we dress ourselves where we would try to wear contrast colors; designing uses the same principles. Show contrast in styles, colors, sizes, objects, etc. However, avoid using too many contrasting elements.

Rule 3: Using the Principle of Gestalt and Harmony

The Principle of Gestalt is based on the theory – ‘Whole is greater than the sum of its parts.’ The different parts of a design, be it a website or a logo, it needs to be linked together to portray visual connections. The key is to harmonize all the elements together and let the audience visualize a meaningful whole.

Rule 4: Using Rhythm and Proximity

Just like rhythm to a music composition is essential, graphic designs also require a flow in them following a certain rhythm. Modulate the elements in your designs to avoid monotony which is an immediate turn off for the viewers. Spacing and proximity of the objects, whether near or far from each other, in a way defines their identity and thus contributes to the Gestalt principle.

Rule 5: Emphasizing and Repeating

Although modulation is essential, sometimes consistency is also required. For instance, the position of the News and Events section remains constant throughout the website, irrespective of the web page. However, emphasizing your text by using bold, italics, framing or animating a particular image to make it stand out are all essential rules of designing.

The above rules make the process for design very smooth and easy, with a high quality end result. To achieve high quality graphic designs, collaborate with firms like Stylus Solutions the best graphic design company in Mumbai.