We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master – Ernest Hemingway

Writing they say, for some is an art for some it’s a craft that can be shaped and sculpted to generate the desired results. Two decadesago, a writer only meant someone who rewrote long never ending literature and history books! Isn’t it? Today with internet seeping deep into our lives, there are lacs of content and article writers on the web. So why it is that one writer has more readership than the others? What is it that he/she is writing that is grabbing viewership? Let’s explore and unveil some secrets of a content writer.

 Keep it Short

sss2A writer has a creative mind and has several thoughts racing for space on the page at the same time. It is always recommended to write all the points and then work towards a final layout by editing the lesser relevant thoughts.

Keep it Simple

sss3 “Make it simple. Simple is easy to memorize and recollect.” says Delnaz Edulji, founder of Stylus Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Writers believe that using too many expressions will make the article interesting. As a matter of fact, the simpler the article, the more quick it is to read. This attracts more viewers as it saves their time.

Keep it Relevant

The purpose of an article must be clear and the conclusion must shout out loud what the entire post was about. People are perpetually racing with time and “what’s in the article for me” is the thought with which most of us begin reading an article. Keeping the post relevant and to the point is a secret no more.

Understand the Target Audience

sss4A blog/post is written keeping the target audience in mind. Failure to understand the mindset of the readers usually results in irrelevant and unhelpful content, resulting in poor readership. The age, location, preferences and their interests must be considered while creating articles.So, a blog writer in Mumbai will have different points to cover for “Hotel Reviews in the City” than a blog writer in Dubai or New York.

Constant Research

sss5Do we always remember what we see? For instance would you be able to recollect some interesting facts or ideas that you may have come across in the recent past? A lot of answers will surely be negative. Irrespective of whether they are writing any article, content writers keep penning thoughts and ideas that may be useful for future projects.Constant research and making notes of ideas as and when they pop up always results in absorbing blogs and posts.

Maintain Individuality

sss6It is important for a writer to research and keep oneself abreast with the current trends in their field of interest. What’s more important is the fact that the contents of the post must clearly reflect the writer’s personality. The writer can promote their product but not belittle others. Also, any form of plagiarism must be strongly discouraged.

Make it Catchy – Title, Lead and Conclusion

sss7The one thing that grabs ones attention and makes them want to read an article is a captivating title. Some titles that almost do not fail begin with, for instance, secrets of (something we really want to discover) or best of (2015 or any category). Even important and useful information will be ignored if the title is not compelling.

The next important part of the article is the lead or introduction to the topic. This must include some fascinating facts, quotes from renowned personalities or some piece of information that is unavailable elsewhere.

Finally, let’s not get lazy as we reach the end. Do not give a forced ending simply because you ran out of fresh perspective. Summarize the principal idea of the topic and let the readers understand how they can benefit from the information provided.

Edit and Review

No article gets a thumbs up in its first draft. The first effort is simply a rustic collection of your ideas before they can be perfectly sculpted. Write down all the ideas relating to the subject, then put in your best efforts by editing and eliminating the lesser relevant thoughts for a complete article.