When you create a website, social media post, advertisement, etc., you want to make it look attractive and rich. People usually prefer sights that are pleasant to the eyes, easy to navigate and comprehend. Using graphics, you can make your website, posts, and ads more appealing and attract many viewers. For these requirements, many companies hire graphic design companies in Mumbai like Stylus Solutions who provide complete graphic solutions for their businesses.

Poorly-created graphics are useless and may drive visitors away instead of attracting them. While creating graphics, certain rules and standards should be followed for better results.

Let’s take a look at some of the basic rules of graphic design that will enhance the quality of your graphics.

  • Maintain consistency

Consistency is one of the key factors in graphic designing. You need to be consistent to establish yourself as a trusted brand. The design elements used on your brochures, cards, pamphlets, and other company items should be similar to the ones on your website. This will leave a lasting impression on the visitors’ minds and provide them with a sense of familiarity.

Some of the elements that need to be consistent throughout are typography and colors. It is always recommended to use a single font everywhere. Even so, if you wish to add more than one font, make sure that you do not exceed three. You should maintain consistency with your color palette as well. Try to use two to three colors for the best results. Graphic design companies in India can help you select the best font and color palette depending on your business.

  • Be clear

While choosing a font, you need to focus on clarity, whether for a website or in print. You won’t be able to convey your brand’s message if you lack clarity. You may drive customers away if you fail to represent your brand. Research your audience type and select the font accordingly. Ensure that your font complements your graphics. To enhance your font clarity, you can use contrasting colors that go well together.

  • Eliminate color disharmony

It is important to choose colors that blend well, to avoid any disharmony among them. For example, if you choose a background color, it should match your chosen font color. White font on a red background is not an ideal combination, but a white background with a black font looks great. Select your colors carefully to enhance the look of your designs. Designers from graphic design companies in India can help you understand and achieve the right balance between colors.

  • Create balance between graphics and text

You must organize your graphics and text so that they complement each other well. Image size is an important aspect that needs to be considered before uploading images. People do not like stretched images, and it exhibits poor branding. Scale your design elements proportionally to maintain the visitor’s attention for an extended period.

  • Use proper grammar and punctuation

If your content has great graphics but contains grammar and punctuation errors, it won’t impact visitors. It is advised to proofread your content thoroughly before uploading it online to eliminate unwanted mistakes that may question your credibility and drive visitors away.

These are some graphic design rules that can help you design great graphics for your business. You can also contact graphic design companies in Mumbai, like Stylus Solutions, to provide high-quality and appealing graphics as per your requirement. You can visit www.stylusolutions.com or mail at [email protected].