Ever wondered what might a building look like without a blueprint? On the other hand imagine a road trip without a guide or a map or the GPS lady, you’ll probably end up mourning about why exactly did you start the journey at all in the first place!

Yes, it’s exactly like that with a storyboard. Whether you like it or not, you can’t manage without one. I mean, who truly loves putting in loads of subtle elements, such as graphic explanation, onscreen text, animation description, communication into one report? No one! Right?

Yet, if any of these components are left out, we would simply be making voice-over scripts and leave the rest to Destiny!

Let’s look at some of the important reasons why storyboarding is a must and a mantra for every graphic design company in India:

  • ·In order to deliver effective message, a video, presentation or film production has to be well planned. Even a video of a family function will profit from planning.
  • Storyboarding helps you visualise your finished project, how the course should progress, and what elements will best deliver your course to your viewers.
  • Once you have your storyboard ready, you’ll not be wasting time trying to set up your next slide because you’ll know exactly what’s next and how to execute that.
  • Storyboarding is especially very useful for designing difficult sequences, saving you from rework or missing elements that are essential to the plot.

It really saves you a lot of time when you begin your course plan with the modest storyboard. You know how exactly you progressing, how to get there and what’s next in the design structure! No running around in circles losing direction. This is one of the attributes that Stylus, one of the best graphic design companies in Mumbai, believes in.

The storyboard will help your customers to see what to expect from the course, and suggestions and feedback can be implemented accordingly before you lose valuable production time on a course.

It certainly makes life a lot easier for the customer, instructional designer and even the developer. That’s a lot of smiling faces!

Every content writer in India will agree that when you make a storyboard, you make a visual map of your project/course. This can offer you some assistance with shaping the flow and vision of your course. Prospective learners will be lost in a directionless course if you don’t spent time in these vital components of planning and designing.

So, if it ever enters your mind to give storyboarding a miss for an eLearning course, then it’s time to rethink!