Video is a powerful medium to communicate. Our brains process visual information faster and hence, many find videos to be more engaging. Not to mention, they are easy to share across multiple platforms. With the Internet, you can now access a video from any place and at any time. Videos are in huge demand and as a result, the video development part of marketing industry has grown exponentially.

Video development is a difficult task and takes a lot of time and effort on your part. However, after somehow managing to make one and upload it online, response by the viewers is often not good. Why does this happen? There are certain factors at play here, which prevent you from pulling a large number of people to your video.

Let us look at a few mistakes you could avoid when making a video.

  • Not using a script

Video content is always at risk when you focus on too many things at once. If you want your video to communicate properly, write a script before starting production. This helps you to organise your thoughts and form an engaging narrative. Read your script or have someone else read it for you. This will give you a sense of understanding for its narrative, pace and tone, and help you to make your video look less artificial.

  • Targeting the wrong audience

If your video is not engaging the audience, then there is no use of encouraging them to watch it. When making a video, ask yourself “Who is your target audience?” For example, if you are making an educational video, you will try to target students interested in corresponding topics. Perform research about the titles or content your audience are interested in.

  • Ignoring audio quality

Audio plays a major role in the viewing experience. If the audience cannot listen properly and understand the concept behind your video, it leads to poor engagement. Hence, when making a video, try to shoot at a quite place. You can also invest in good sound equipment, which can help to cut down background noise.

  • Avoiding viewer engagement

This is one of the crucial aspects in video development of today. Whether you are creating an educational or corporate marketing video, think out of the box and make it interesting. Try showing different examples and demonstrations or even make it interactive, to create a video that is less boring. Adding creativity will add more quality to your videos.

  • Selecting the wrong video platform

Always pay attention to the specific platform the video will be uploaded on. Does the given platform offer enough venues to promote your video? A good video platform ensures that appropriate traffic is routed towards your video content. You can also select more than one video platforms to achieve maximum awareness.

  • Making long videos

Nobody has a whole day to watch your video. To keep the audience interested and engaging, the pace of the narrative must be quick. Videos of 5-10 minutes can be created to show demonstrations, tutorials and training. If your video is longer while not enough content is there to justify its length, you will lose more audience in the middle of viewing.

  • Forgetting to edit

Always examine your videos before posting them online. Edit the clips that you don’t want and be sure to avoid editing mistakes. There are a few editing and enhancement features on the popular video platforms that you can use.

Take these ideas into consideration when making videos. With the right plan and creativity, you can propel your campaign towards success and inspire the audiences to take action. You can also hire one of the many video development companies in Mumbai such as Stylus Solutions, to produce quality videos.