Did you ever think that images could be a reason to make or break your search engine optimization (SEO)? Probably not!

Don’t worry, it’s never too late to consider image optimization seriously.

A lot of SEO, mainly concentrates on content, thus easily ignoring other elements contributing to it. While content is unquestionably important to SEO, other features like web design also affect your search result standings. Specifically, the pictures you upload on your website can influence how search engine crawlers see your pages.

Thus, there are many characteristics of an image to ponder upon in order to make sure it aims to improve your SEO.

Rich Keywords: First and foremost, while saving an image, create a file name that’s keyword-rich to optimize your images for the SEO. A file name defines your image. The search engine crawlers, who can’t view your pictures, will have a problem in understanding it without an appropriate file name that defines your image. Therefore, titles which explains your image precisely is absolutely vital. Proficient content writing firms, such as Stylus Solutions or other individual content writers in India, stay up to date with the most search keywords appropriate to your content and can help you with the same.

Tags: Just like you tag someone on your social networking post, you can tag your image with a suitable name or a brief description. This becomes visible when you hover your mouse on the image. Apt and descriptive title tags will make sure that website visitors and search engine crawlers both understand your website’s significance to the topic at hand.

Image Size: Time taken to load a page is now considered a vital ranking factor and search engines like Google in particular are quite keen in making sure that slow loading website doesn’t hinder the user experience. Here, we can say that, size does matter. Low resolution images but with good quality have a positive impact on your website’s loading speed thus increasing more traffic. Teaming up with Stylus Solutions, the best graphic design company in Mumbai, will enable you to conquer this challenge and others.

Captions: Who doesn’t love to add a caption to their pictures before sharing it with theirs friends and family? This helps them visualize the moment through your experience. This description that appears right below the images, helps viewers and search engine crawlers comprehend the importance of your image to your website and business.

SEO does not totally depend on how you define and size your pictures. Still, by utilizing such tips, you can make the most of your website’s SEO potential. Enroll a quality graphic design company India, such as Stylus Solutions, to make this job far easier for you and yield superior results.