Now-a-days, getting noticed on the Web is harder than ever. Do you have an online presence—specifically a website? How do you ensure that you stand out from the million others available on the Internet? Well, a great website design is the key to that. If you do not have a website for your business, in today’s day and age of the Internet, you might want to change that. And immediately! You can hire the services of a graphic design company India that can design a website for your business. Having a website for your business helps you to advertise your products and services.

However, there are certain aspects of a website that makes it a great website—aspects that help it stand apart from the others. Here are few points to help you determine whether your website is actually serving its purpose.

  • Can a visitor understand your business or what you offer within the first few seconds of visiting your website?
  • Can visitors easily browse through the website?
  • Can visitors easily read the texts on your website?

If any of the answers are negative, you need to think about ways through which you can optimize your website and make it more user-friendly.

The following are some focus areas that you should consider to improve your website design.

  • Readable text

A website represents your business and explains the products or services you offer. Hence, it is essential that the text used to describe the contents on your website should be clear and legible. This will help the visitor to read and understand everything and go through your website easily. Some of the go-to website fonts used by graphic design company India include Arial, Georgia and Times New Roman.

  • Minimal design

Using too many design elements may make your website appear overcrowded. This will distract your visitors from the main purpose of your website. A simple yet effective design can make your website appear more appealing to the eye. Keep your website design as simple as possible as this will also help your visitors to easily navigate through your website.

  • Consistency

Ensure that your design elements on the website, such as the font size, heading styles, level headings are used consistently and appropriately throughout your website. Using them inconsistently may confuse your visitors and will even make them stand out, and not in a good way.

  • Balanced layout

Using girds to divide the structure of your website can help you balance out its design. Grids generally add to the visual balance of the website, making it more appealing and organized.

  • Color balance

Make sure that your website is appropriately color balanced. A website with the right color balance can be one of the deciding factors for a visitor to stay on your website. Avoid using too many colors. Another important aspect is to leave enough white space on your website. This gives it enough breathing room and enough space for your website elements to stand out.

  • Appropriate images

Images that are placed on your website should be of a high-resolution and related to the text displayed. You need to make sure the images portray your business and other contents on your website precisely.

  • Mobile-friendly

Today, almost everyone has a mobile with them. And in the fast-paced environment we live in, most of the browsing and checking off do-to lists happens on-the-go. Thus, it is important to design mobile-friendly websites. You should make sure your website appearance does not degrade when used on different devices, such as mobiles, tablets, etc.

  • Social footprint

Even though you might be creating great content, if the exposure to your website is limited to only a few people, it would not be beneficial for your business. So, to increase your reach, you should make use of social share buttons on your website. This also allows the visitors to share your website or blogs on it to their social media platforms, fetching you free social media traffic. This can further expose your business to a larger group of people and can increase your sales.

A website with a proper design is crucial for your overall business exposure and growth. The better your website design is, the more visitors it will attract. But this can be a headache if you are a complete newbie, so it’s better to hire the services of professional. There are a number of companies, such as Stylus Solutions—a graphic design company in Mumbai—who will fulfill your website design requirements.