Around 10 years back content writing was not an acceptable career option for most parents. I myself had to struggle to retain my job as a writer when I started my career 15 years back – writing was an unheard career option. But a lot has changed from then to now. Today, the number of content writers in India are uncountable and so are the number of content writing jobs.

What has caused this change? Today, there are a lot of dedicated content writing companies in Mumbai, increasing the number of opportunities for content writers in India. Also, content writing is an option that can be perused from home. Thus, a lot of people work from home as content writers for reputable content writing companies in Mumbai.

So what options does one have as content writer? Let’s have a look.

Blog Writer

One of the most common option in writing is blog/article writing. The number of blog writers in Mumbai have increased drastically thanks to the changes in technology that allows one to independently write and publish a blog. Google AdWords also encourages blog writers by placing advertisements and paying the writer on a per click basis. This can generate a lot of income if your blogs are original and knowledgeable.

Curriculum Writer

Delivery of education has changed by leaps and bounds with the advent of technology and new methods of fun-way of teaching. Today, books do not only impart knowledge, but also have a great focus on revising and implementing the knowledge imparted. New books are generated more frequently with updated information presented in a more fun and interesting way. As a result, the number of vacancies for curriculum writers has increased considerably. A lot of teachers are now more involved in writing content for books, each one coming up with their own style of teaching, thus making learning fun and innovative.

Technical Writer

Vast outreach of technology has made it important to have technical writers to document the technical processes followed to create new applications and software, and create user manuals for the public to easily use them. Technical writers are often involved in creating documents like API documents, design documents, process documents, use cases, online help files, user manuals, etc. Technical writers work closely with the developers and testing team to deliver technical documents explaining the code and use of the application. This helps any other developer to quickly understand the code and make the required changes.

Instructional Designer

E-learning is the new-age learning that’s easily available on the mobile phone or tablet. Instructional Designers play a key role in writing and designing the content. Storyboarding is one of the phases involved in developing e-learning modules. These storyboards are created with the help of instructional designers who write the content to be covered and also visualise how it will be presented. Instructional Designers are in high demand with the ever increasing need to develop more and more e-learning content.

Proof-reader / Editor

With the increasing number of instructional designers, technical writers, curriculum writers and blog writers in Mumbai, there is an increasing demand for all of this content to be edited and proofread. Thus, proof-readers and editors are always loaded with work across all areas of content writing to deliver error free content.

Today, content writing is accepted and acknowledged as an important part of any organisation, giving rise to a number of opportunities in the field. Content writing is nothing but creativity and knowledge shared at its best.