If you are a graphic designer, you certainly know a few rules you need to follow, while creating those unusual and eye-catching designs.

The standard approach remains the same, whether you are designing a website, logo, poster, or a book. However, you need to continually advance your skills as per new market requirements and try to create unique and effective designs.

There are certain designing errors that even an experienced designer often makes. These mistakes make you look like a rookie, and bad designing can drive away customers.

Hence, an experienced graphic design company in Mumbai always try to avoid some of these following graphic design “faux pas”.

  • Too many words and fewer visuals

You can turn off your audience by including long texts and paragraphs. Instead, incorporate visual elements more. These elements are known to grab the viewer’s attention and keep them engaged. Visuals also increase the retention among the viewers and sometimes can portray information more precisely as compared to text. Hence, always try to explain your concepts using more visuals and less text.

  • Over-designing

It can be quite tempting to showcase all your creativity in one design, but an experienced designer knows better. Do not over-design, as it makes your designs look ugly and crammed. It is easy to figure out an unprofessional or amateur work through the number of irrelevant filters applied. If your audience is struggling to gather information you are trying to convey, chances are they will not visit back. Be clean, be clear, and let your designs breathe.

  • Difficult to read text

Your design will fail to fulfil its objective, if the user cannot comprehend what it is trying to say. Your text should be clear, eye-popping, and easy to read.

Always keep the following points in mind while working around with text design, to ensure your text’s effectiveness.

  • Instead of long paragraphs, try to split the content into smaller portions, preferably of 3-4 lines.
  • Write descriptive and meaningful headlines and use bullet points to indent your text.
  • When you have a light background, your text should be dark.
  • Finally, keep your fonts, styles and colours consistent.
  • Lack of white space

White space is the area left blank intentionally. The main goal of the white space is to separate text, images and graphics evenly, to make the design look cleaner and more polished. One typical example is the Google website, where you never have to roam around searching for the search bar.

Use white space to provide a visual break to the viewers consuming the information. Make it easy to comprehend meaning, while avoiding information overload. This approach increases the focus and conveys messages quickly to the reader.

  • Overuse of stock images

Stock images are now easily accessible to almost everyone. You may use them to some extent, but do not go overboard including them in your design. Overusing these images makes your design look unoriginal and unprofessional. This is one of the reasons why many tend to contact a graphic design company in India to design their own original graphics. Customised graphics allow you stand out in the crowd, looking more legitimate.

Try to avoid some of these mistakes as they can hamper your efforts and drive visitors away from your business. You can always get in touch with a professional graphic design company in Mumbai for your designing work. Stylus Solutions is one such group of professionals, who can create very appealing and professional-looking graphics for your business. You can visit us at www.stylusolutions.com or mail your queries at info@stylusolutions.com.