A logo is not a brand but a brand’s identity mark with which a consumer identifies the company. On the other hand, a brand is how customers perceive a company based on its quality of products, benefits and distinctiveness. The attributes of a logo can’t possibly make a company successful or unsuccessful; however, an elegant and eye-catching symbol can certainly create a good impression about the company in people’s mind, thus enticing customers to find out more about the company. Apart from a logo, let’s see what goes into creating a brand.

#Quality: A successful brand is established on the basis of the quality of its products or services. There is no better way to increase your customer base than to provide them with the best products or services that you can offer, and which can be considered authentic, dependable and worthy of their cost. A successful brand’s products or services always guarantee and maintain what their advertisements assure and promise people.

#Packaging: Since almost 60-70% of the buying decisions are made in the store, packaging plays a very important role. Product packaging seems to be an amazing marketing tool to influence customer purchase. Well, I guess a book is being judged by its cover after all! Companies are investing in packaging with vibrant colours and intriguing shapes to improve their recognition. A typical graphic design company India can help you to design the appearances of products to make them look more appealing to the target audience.

#Marketing collaterals: Brand building requires skill and effort to create a desired opinion of your company in people’s mind. Marketing collaterals such as brochures, newsletters and web content are used to advertise the company and its products or services. Marketing collateral is how a company presents itself, and it is used to support and compliment the sales of the products and services of the company. Stylus Solutions, a graphic design company in Mumbai, masters in creating the most fascinating and apt collaterals for its clients.

#Brand story: Another valuable marketing tool is a brand story. A company needs to have a brand story to get the attention of its customers. A brand story conveys the company’s goal, which helps customers identify more easily with the brand personality. Customers want to associate with a brand that represents their own values and aspirations.

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