Thinking about starting a blog? Or have been writing for a while now but haven’t been able to increase page views? Get The Best Blog writers in Mumbai with Stylus. Don’t Worry For Website Content as we have a Team Of Professional Content Writers in Mumbai. With over 10 years of experience in the field of content writing, we at Stylus Solutions —one of the best content writing companies in Mumbai— have narrowed it down to the following dos and don’ts of blogging.


Choose a relevant topic and the right tone

The most important aspect of your blog is the content. The quality and subject matter of the blog are aspects that will attract readers to your blog. The tonality of your blog is what will keep them coming for more. To start with, pick a topic that you think your readers would be interested in. Then, depending on your target audience, decide what the tonality will be—formal, impersonal and dispassionate or casual, conversational, rhetorical and interactive.

Stick to a regular posting schedule

Blogging is not just a one-time thing. You need to regularly publish blog posts to increase the number of viewers/followers on your blog. However, how often is regularly? Is it every day, one a week, once a month? Well, the answer to this is quite simple. It all depends on your schedule and ability more than anything else. You can start out by posting weekly and, if your schedule permits it, once you get in the grove, you can increase your posts.

Include some form of media

To keep your readers interested, supplement the words in your blog with some form of media, such as images, videos and links.

The images or videos in your blog should be relevant to your topic. You can also link other blog posts and articles. Using links also helps build the reach of your blog. Linking your blog to well-trusted sites or older blog posts can boost your blogs reputation and increase the number of clicks on it. But, there is no need to saturate your posts with unnecessary images. A healthy balance between images and text is vital.

However, always make sure to use other people’s content with permission. You cannot simply download an image from Google; you need to use royalty-free stock images. Most blog writers in Mumbai and around subscribe to stock photography services that provide images that you can use in blogs, such as Shutterstock or Freepik.

Be honest with your audience

Blogging allows you to add a personal touch to your writing, which newspaper writing may not allow. Add some personality and positivity to your writing! But make sure that this positivity is real and not an act, otherwise it would get exhausting, both to read and write.

Engage with your audience

A great way to improve the success of your blog is to build a rapport with your audience. You can do this by responding to comments on the blog. Reader comments are a great way to get feedback about your blog. This can also let you know what your readers like to read, thus, enabling you to plan for future posts.



Borrowing ideas from other bloggers is acceptable; however, you need to frame your own ideas from it. You should never directly copy from someone else’s work to your blog. The whole point of a blog is to convey your personal ideas on a topic. Directly coping matter from another blog defeats the entire purpose of blogging.

Ignore grammar or spelling mistakes

To give your blog the professional quality it deserves, the content needs to be grammatically and contextually accurate. You can invest in grammar-checking software, such as Grammarly, or hire the services of Stylus Solutions, one of the foremost content writing companies in Mumbai.

Be negative

Unless it is the theme of your blog, it not advisable to post personal issues on a blog. Being positive and writing uplifting and inspirational content can go a long way with your readers.

Write very long sentences

Break up you post into shorter sentences and paragraphs. It can get monotonous and annoying to see a blog that is just a wall of text.

For example, consider a sentence like this where the words just keep flowing in, without stopping, letting just a constant stream of thoughts come through, and the reader may not want to read something like this as it may be too confusing and tiresome to read.

That was one sentence, but it took three lines! Now look at these sentences. Aren’t these easier to read? Fill your blog with sentences like these. Wherever possible, keep your paragraphs short too.

There may not be any one best way to maintain a blogging website. Different kinds of blogs have different audiences and, thus, different management strategies. The most important thing is to stay dedicated and not to give up on your blog. It may take a while, but your blog will eventually get noticed!