We can all agree that visual aids provide far better learning experience, right? You can learn though images, illustrations, infographics, videos, etc. You will find videos to be most useful among the different visual aids available today. There is a reason why educators and marketers have started working with so many video development companies in Mumbai.

Here, are a few benefits a video has over other forms of content:

  • People can learn complex subjects better from a video.
  • It can give the similar simulation as that of classroom learning.
  • You can apply videos in distance learning programs.
  • Teachers and promoters can easily share videos with the target audience.
  • You can have different types of videos depending on the target audience and the topic.

Stylus Solutions is one such company offering video development services in Mumbai. Having been academic industry for over a decade now, we underrated the vital features that make learning a success. One such important aspect is selecting the right type of video for your audience. First, let’s get acquainted with the different types of videos that can be used for learning.

Here are different types of videos that you can integrate in your learning process:

  • Motion Graphic Videos

Motion graphic is a type of animation which gives movement to your visual elements. These types of videos are created to mainly focus on the text.  These provide animation to the text, as you can also add audio motion graphics. There is a lot less complexity and it takes shorter time for creating these videos.

Motion graphic videos are commonly used in creating ads, movie titles, digital marketing, etc.

  • 2-D Animation Videos

You may have watched animated videos when you were a child. Can you remember Tom and Jerry or Mickey Mouse? These cartoons are examples of two-dimensional animation.

The process of 2-D animation is applied to make a figure and image move. Animation provides an illusion of movement to your still images. It has now become quite affordable to make animation videos with the right tools.

You can use 2-D animation videos to create entertaining, attractive and engaging videos.

  •  Screen-Capture Videos

A video created by recording a computer screen for a period of time is called a screen capture video. It is generally used to explain step-by-step tutorials on technical topics.

Such videos are great for guiding users to become more familiar with a computer software. With proper use of keywords and taglines, you can now upload tutorial videos for a specific target audience. You can also create screen capture videos on your smartphone to guide others on how to use different mobile apps.

  • Whiteboard Animation Videos

Still images drawn on screen that are given an illusion of movement can generate whiteboard videos. These generally contain an illustration of a story told through several drawings. These videos use stop-motion effect and can be used creatively to create an easy-to-understand tutorial.

  • 3-D Character Animation Videos

3-D character animation brings animated characters to life by creating an illusion of thought, emotion and personality in those characters.

These videos often include photorealistic graphics to create three-dimensional elements used in a story. 3-D character animations are generally used to create entertainment and educational videos.

  • Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are short videos often used for marketing and sales purpose. You can see these types of videos mostly on company websites enlisting the services. These videos are also used to advertise products and to convey messages in a commercial.

Explainer videos are often of short length and are focused, high-quality form of videos. You can use these types of videos in making your brand advertising more visually attractive and gaining more audiences in the process.

The above mentioned are the top six type of videos. Having problem deciding which video type suits your audience needs? Your worries end here. You can hire the services of video development companies in Mumbai, such as Stylus, to help you create high-quality videos at a reasonable cost. Write to us at info@stylusolutions.com.