Blogs of individuals, colleges and institutions, think-tanks, advocacy groups, account for an increasing amount of traffic. The reason is simple. For many, blogs are perfect landing pages. It is no wonder why there has been a contiuous increase in the number of blog writers in Mumbai, where there are many events and stories to write about.
Here’s why people love blog.

Blogs feature short posts

The practice of posting small pieces of content is much valued these days. Short posts are excellent for those on portable devices such as tablets, mobiles, etc. It is no wonder that blogging tends to capture the attention of even those with busy lives.

Blogs attract readership

Blogs attract a large readership in a span of few years. Research indicates that people actually read content of blogs and declare its content as noteworthy or valuable. It has also been observed that blogs grow in influence when they are cited in an individual’s or group’s writings

Blogs build relationships with readers

Unlike other static websites, a majority of blogs are interactive, letting visitors leave comments and message bloggers via widgets. Thus blogs not only produce content but also build relationships with other readers, making it a top reason for its universal presence.

Blogs have an impact on the world

Many stories are scattered in blog posts and tweets and in multiple languages. They lead the way in bringing key information to the public. These stories are credible sources of information that have been acknowledged as diriving forces by governments around the world.

Blogs can be a collaborative effort

Earlier blogs used to be the work of a single individual. These days though, blogs are written by a group of people.Collaborative blogs are growing in popularity because they reduce the pressure of maintaining an expensive static website.

Blogs enjoy a place in the mainstream media

Blogs have some of the world’s most intriguing stories that are not ordinarily heard often in mainstream media. That is why the voice of bloggers has been integrated in newsrooms around the world.

Blogs come in all forms

Blogs can defined by a range of purposes. So forexample, a blog can be an account of personal experiences of an individual or the communication and culture of a corporation or commentary on a particular subject.

Blogs make good outreach tools

Blogs can be used to promote the blogger’s favourite causes or as a marketing tool to promote a product.No wonderInternet marketers tend to pay close attention to bloggers that gain popularity in a space of few years.

Blogs are easy to find

There are many blogs present in the blogosphere. Popular blog search engines have been formed so that blogs of a specific category can be searched easily.

Blogs are fun to manage

With the help of free web publishing tools, such as or, it is easy for anyone to create a blog. These hosting platforms are robust and easy to use. They provide access to hundreds of designs and a friendly support system for all blogging needs.

Does all this sound fascinating? How about creating your own blog and being a part of the blogosphere?Don’t forget to share your experience with us. We are waiting to hear from you.