The idea behind a perfect page designing and layout is to allow the reader to get a gist of the book/page by simply scanning through it, without having to read the details.

It is difficult to find a graphic design company in India that understands the content, based on which complimenting layouts and designs are created. Team Stylus understands the importance of a well-designed page (content and design). Proper layout enhances the aesthetic of the deliverable. Our team comprises of professional experts with long-term experience who guarantee a great outcome at reasonable price.

Our Offerings:

  • We use software tools like Illustrator, CorelDraw, Flash, InDesign and Photoshop among others to draft the perfect layout.
  • We develop mascots, attractive header/footer and other elements like notes, did you knows and tips to infuse interactivity in the deliverable.
  • At Stylus, we ensure the different elements that add life to a page like icons, highlighting important text, etc. are given due importance.
  • We deliver feel-good end results that best fit your target audience's wants and needs.

Quality is an 'indispensable' criterion in our work. We create innovative and unique deliverables that will definitely capture the eye of
any user.